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Time tracking assistant
Works with Kimai

KimaiBar is your personal time tracking assistant for macOS. Start tasks quickly and get idle reminders.
KimaiBar App's menu bar extension showing a currently running meeting with a start/stop button. Shows six recent tasks to start.


  • Connects to your Kimai instance
  • Menu bar app with glanceable timer
  • Edit start and stop time
  • Detects if you are idle
  • More languages (English and German are supported)
  • Switch to other recent tasks or add new ones
  • Start and stop current task
  • Edit notes of your current task


Make time tracking effortless

KimaiBar allows users to track their working time on different projects by starting and stopping a timer. The current working time is displayed in the menu bar, making it easy to see at a glance how much time has been spent on a project.

Menu Bar Timer

Quickly access the timer from the menu bar at any moment and keep track of your time at a glance.


Smart Idling

KimaiBar will notice your absence from the Mac and lets you stop or continue your timer in hindsight.


Start recent tasks

Start your recent tasks with a single click directly from your menu bar of your Mac.


Built on Kimai

KimaiBar was built on top of the open source Kimai time tracking tool. Work with your existing Kimai instance easily.


Free to use

Use KimaiBar for free as long as you want and get more powerful features by unlocking the Premium Mode.


Native on Mac

We love the Mac and made KimaiBar true to macOS by incorporating the native feel. You already know how to use it.

Unlock the Premium Mode for advanced features

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Use KimaiBar for free for as long as you want.
Track most recent task
Works with Kimai
Detects idle time
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Unlock the most productive version of KimaiBar by subscribing to the Premium Mode. You can select between annual and monthly periods. Cancellable every month.
One week free trial

Test the Premium Mode and all its features for 7 days for free. Enough time to track all your tasks and see what you get for the money. Without any risks.

Add and edit notes
All features unlocked
Switch to recent tasks
Select from different idle times
All free features
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